Life,Love and a Polar Bear Tattoo

Title:Life,Love and a Polar Bear Tattoo
Author:Heather Wardell

My review:

       Candice and Ian have perfect marriage before his parents died in car accident when they buying a Christmas  presents.Ian accuse Candice for his loss.Their marriage is on the edge.Ian must go in foreign country  for four-week to work.
      Candice work like assistant designer.Everything is good she have time enough to think how to safe her marriage,but…Kegan her first love is her client in work.Candice must help him to design his new restaurant.He is so handsome and adorable!
       Will she do that and broke her marriage or she will resist to her old love?

My thoughts:  Love is pure and clear.Love is one thing who live forever.When one day happen never end.When you say “yes” there no coming back you’re in forever lasting love cycle.Is that really true? No!!!
       That happen just in stories.In real life love is so complicated.One improper thing is enough to ruin hole life to two people who promise one another eternal love.

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