The Madonna of the almonds

This is my first review.Woohoo!

  Isn’t it that true history is written by winners?
  Isn’t it that history have all the facts from the pass?
  Maybe!Maybe not!

  Marina Fiorato in “The Madonna of the almonds” makes me believe every word that she has written.This is the book which make you out of yourself  for a while time. I don’t read any book,until I don’t  adapt my impressions.
This is what it’s all about:
    “In the time of wars in Italy it created some big love and the most tasteful almond liqueur.This book is the story of  love and the origin of almond liqueur.
     Bernardino Luini  has a mission to make fresco in some churches in Lombardy.There he meets the beautiful Simonetta di Saronno a young widow.Her husband died in battle in  Pavia.She was very sad for her loss and only prayers and staring in the distance is her consolation.Her husband also spend all their money.
     Bernardino is dangler.He don’t relate with any women for long time.But some women will steal his heard.When he saw Simonetta all his painted saints have her look.Love is in the air…”

    I was animated of  descriptions of paintings and person’s look and mixture of history facts and fiction.

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