Something about you

Title:Something about you
Author:Julie James 

If you liked    “Olivia Joules…by Helen Fielding”
.. you will like this book(Something about you)

My review:

      I’m a little bit surprised .FBI agents and murder and investigation. I expected something different, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy reading this book.
I should have known that, because Julie James is graduated from Low College…
She makes perfect characters that bring in us in story with flashbacks (I like it)-now and what happens before three years ago.    
    Cameron is strong women and she is Assistant U.S. Attorney, she likes her job and enjoys being in courtroom. But after her dad’s death she becomes little unstable. Cameron looks like women made of steel, she acting like that, but she so vulnerable specially when she been witness of murder. That situation brings in her to meet Jack Pallas. Three years ago Cameron ruins his career and now she must corporate with him.
     Jack Pallas is a tough guy, FBI agent, angry of Cameron (she thinks that) and very hot man (agent Hottie).He isn’t romantic guy. He isn’t heard about “Sex and the city” and chick-flicks.
     Opposite of Jack Pallas is an agent Wilkins he is a “good cop” and he is secondary character.
     Collin is Cameron best friend. He is a sport columnist like Carrie Bradshaw in men’s world (like say Wilkins).
      What will happen with Cameron? If tension between Cameron and Jack will end and how will end?

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