Snowed in by Rachel Hawthorne

Title:Snowed in
Author:Rachel Hawthorn
Genre:Romance,Young adult

My review:

 Just a perfect novel for this part of year.

     We still waiting for snow here in my country,but that don’t stop me to enjoy in this book.Is cold outside,but is pleasant in my home near fireplace.
Ashleigh’s mam and dad are divorced.Her dad decide to live with his girlfriend and marry her.Ashleigh and her mam move in small island in winter.There a lot of snow and it’s cold.Ashleigh is grown up in Texas and she use to be in worm place and big city and now she get use to live in small and cold island where everyone know each other.She like dating with boyfriends,one boyfriend for two or three dates and she can’t imagine having one boyfriend.
      I think that Ashleigh’s situation is because of her dad.She thinks that her dad is culpable for divorce with her mam.
     Ashleigh will meet some great people in island.She will find a friends…
Her mam bought a big Victorian house and give it name “Chateau Ashleigh”.Ashleigh’s mam(I forgot her name) will bring back her wonderful smile in this island.
    Ashleigh’s mother is a women who is lost her marriage,but she will find a happiness with her daughter and new place to life.She will make brand new life.

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