A Girl Like You by Gemma Burgess

Title:A girl like you
Author:Gemma Burgess

If you liked :          Confession of a shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

you will like this book.

My review:

 I was looking for some good chick-lit book which made me laugh and I find this. I’m not disappointed.
   Its look like Abigail-main character speaks with reader.
I feel like a have conversation with her that is so intimate and its good feeling.
     Abigail learns how to enjoy in her singledom after breaking with her boyfriend, Peter. She learns how to date with boys and try not to be boring. She is so funny and I enjoy in every single word that’s coming out of her mouth .Good job, Gemma!
    Ah, Robert is a charming man. I adore him. Robert is a flatmate to Abigail; he helps her by giving her advices like how to seduce a boy and how to be a single.  
    Plum-I just wanted to shut her mouth. She is the best girlfriend to Abigail, but she is so chatty and she swears too much.
   Sophie is a small sister to Abigail. How lovely! They are like friends, help each other and appreciate each other.
   There are more characters I choose these because I liked them.
Real book and appropriate for every part of year, for every generation, for every taste. You will enjoy in this book. If you like funny, interesting and chick-lit books just grab it and read it.


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