What to expect in January

This are the words of my favorite author Alexandra Lanc,she have some great news:
     “Dear readers, today is the day that I am unveiling my Blog Tour button(featuring Terren from The Foxfire Chronicles: Shadows of Past Memories) for January!
This Blog Tour is going to be my first, and I’m so excited! I won’t give away everything yet, but I can tell you that there will not only be other blogs participating, but that you’ll find some great info here on my blog as well in January. In short, it won’t be a month to miss!
And not only will it be a great Tour, but I’ll also be doing an amazingGiveaway! I won’t say what I’m giving away yet either, but you won’t want to miss it…and I can at least say that it will involve a signed book, among other things, and that there will be more than a few prizes.
Also in January, Lyrics of the Heart will be released! This novella is very special to me, and not only because I wrote it. It is also special because January 23rd – 29th (the first sales week), I will be collecting all of my book proceeds from Lyrics of the Heart, and donating them to the Red Cross. So please, help me spread the word about this novella and the donation week so together, we can raise a good amount for those in need.
And now, without further ado, I present to you the Lyrical Foxfire Tour & Giveaway button! Below this button is the HTML. Please feel free to grab the button/HTML and post it to your website or blog, and help me spread the word about the Tour and Giveaway (and mention the Lyrics of the Heartdonation week if you’d like to, too!).”

I can’t wait…till January…


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