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Sleeping with Paris by Juliette Sobanet

Title:Sleeping with Paris
Author:Juliette Sobanet

Author’s web:

If you liked Bridget Jones Diaries by Helen Fielding you will like this book too.

My review:

       If you want chocolate and Paris and if you need some extra advices “how to survive been a single” you’re the right person for this book.
Mmmm, Paris city of love…and… chocolate …
   Who may withstand this!?
   Charlotte Summers is a young French teacher who is engaged with Jeff. They intend to go to live in Paris, but Charlotte discovers Jeff have online dating profile. She discovers that Jeff is cheating bastard and left him. She goes in Paris to study at Sorbonne University. All alone there she feels so lonely and miserable. Charlotte in Paris creates a blog and post advices or rules-how she calls them –how to date like a man.
She meet Luk a French sexy guy and some great friends, who will help her to forget Jeff‘s little adventure and to heal her broken heart.
     This amazing book has so many authentically scenes from city and city’s life so will bring you in Paris. The French guy, Luk fills that entire French-romantic atmosphere.
     When I read about Charlotte I thought: “She just like me.”
     Charlotte is young women with a normal needs and wishes, all she want is to love somebody and to beloved.
All I can say about this book is: 

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