Jabberwocky by Daniel Coleman

Title: Jubberwocky
Author:Daniel Coleman
Genre:Young Adult,Fantasy

Author’s pages:http://dcolemanbooks.com/

 Plot from author’s page

  One, two! One, two! and through and through the vorpal blade went  snicker-snack!”  Blood pounded in Tjaden’s ears as he breathed in the acrid
odor, and his sword didn’t falter.  Not after the convoluted road that had led him to set out alone to find and slay the manxome Jabberwocky.  But the secrets he’d learned about the Jabberwocky’s sorrowful past made it a sour victory.How different would the situation be if the girl he loved wasn’t at risk?Why didn’t anyone tell him the dark secrets surrounding the Tumtum tree?Jabberwocky is a short novel that tells the story behind Lewis Carroll’s epic poem.
Meet the characters and creatures that inhabit the world long before the arrival of Alice.

 My review:

     I didn’t know for Jabberwocky –the poem written by Lewis Carroll (shame on me) before I read this book by Daniel Coleman.

Jabberwocky has seven parts like a poem.  New characters new way of story.
     The monster attacked, the rumour goes about it. It is true or not? Tjaden and Ollie are best friends and they discuss about that.
Tjaden is a very brave, quiet and he wants to be an elite soldier. He is in love with Elora.
    Elora is a young girl who stands by her love no matter of facts.
The story is based of the poem and well developed. There are many battles which  seems to me like a real. The author did good job with a story and characters.

                                       My rating:                                           

5 thoughts on “Jabberwocky by Daniel Coleman”

  1. I can't rememeber if i've read Through The Looking Glass. But “jabberwocky” sounds so familiar. The book seems interesthing. nice review. Although sometimes that bird got in the way of me reading it!


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