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The Lyrical Foxfire Tour:Review and Interview with the Author

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         The Lyrical Foxfire Tour:Review and Interview with the Author

First of all big, big thanks  to Alexandra Lanc for ARC(this is my very first ARC) “Lyrics of the heart”


Title:Lyrics of the Heart
Author: Alexandra Lanc

 From Goodreads:

Kristi’s life falls apart the day that she wakes up to find that her father has been in a tragic accident. And with the doctors uncertain of her father’s future, Kristi struggles to pick up the pieces and answer the ultimate question: how do you continue to live when the one you love most may never wake up again?

In this short novella, author Alexandra Lanc fuses the art of the short story and the poem to bring together a heart-breaking tale of the events that change our lives, and the unexpected miracles that can forever alter them. 

My review:
Kristy is a young girl her life is a perfect, but one day when she awake up …
 Kristy’s father is in Hospital he had accident. Kristy is devastated, how this happened and why!? Her father got home late, she didn’t get to tell him good night or that she loves him.
    What she suppose to do?
  I love Kristy from the beginning of this novella. She is a strong, she hesitates to cry or to run and back again to Hospital. Kristy think: how to survey this chaos in her life and back in normal again, how to let his father go or back him in life again. Through Kristi’s thoughts, we get to see how this situation can affect in someone’s life.
It‘s emotional and touching novel with short stories and poems who come directly from Kristy’s heart. Reading the novel you will be tearing up and back in one piece again. Some verses from the novel:
“This one word,
Has so many meanings,
And reminds me,
Of the life that can be lived,
The things that can be stolen,
The things we have to give.”
From the poem: ”Back”
“Fear calls out my name,
And though I try,
I’m listening,
To its voice,
Ringing high,
Above mine.”
From the poem: ”Need”

The author’s proceeds from January 20th — 29th, 2012 will be donated to the Red Cross. 
This book is recommended for ages 12 and up, and does not contain language, drug/alcohol abuse, or sexual content .

My rating for this book:

Interview with Alexandra Lanc:

Me: What do you do to get inspiration? 
Alexandra: I get inspiration from a lot of places, but mostly from my friends and family, and the things I see around me. I really try to be observant, and think of what I would like to read. I also keep a dream journal, and I get a lot of great ideas from there! 

Me: Tell us about The Firefox Chronicles series and first part of them Shadows of the past memories. 
Alexandra:  The Foxfire Chronicles is unlike anything else that I’ve written or read. It’s basically a story about life — though not life on this planet but on another, and the struggles that the characters go through, and what the people must deal with. Shadows of Past Memories starts off the series by introducing the other world and some of the characters from it, and is about two best friends confronting their pasts, one of them learning that she is more than she thought she was, and the other learning that sometimes, you have to be able to let go. It’s a great series full of science-fiction, a bit of old-fashioned horror, romance, fantasy, and quite a few surprises along the way. 

Me: How did you come up with the title? 

Alexandra:When it came to naming my first Foxfire Chronicles book, I really wanted it to reflect what was going on in the book, so I thought of the book’s main points. SOPM has a lot to do with memories and the past, and so I put those two words together, and the rest simply came to me. 

Me:Which character is similar to your own personality? 
Alexandra:I think that all of the characters have part of me in them, but the one who reflects my personality the best I think is Reaye. In the first book, she is a bit naive and overly sweet and young, and then she learns to become stronger and more self-assured. When I first wrote the book, I was very much like Reaye is in SOPM, and I think that as time passes, her personality and my personality will become more alike. 

Me: The creatures are so realistic. Where you get inspiration for them? 

Alexandra:When I went to design the different creatures of the Foxfire Chronicles, I looked to my favorite animals. Probably the most loved (by me) of all of my creatures are the Snakefeh. When designing them, I looked to the Komodo Dragon, quite possibly my favorite lizard, and then added a few snake-like features, so that my creatures fit their name. 

Me:What was the hardest thing in the way of writing Shadows of the past memories? 

Alexandra:The hardest thing about writing (and finishing) SOPM was that when I started it, I was sixteen, and it was after my big brother was involved in a motorcycle wreck, so my life was completely chaotic, and so was the story. At first, I didn’t plan on publishing it, but then when I realized how much I loved the story and that others would probably love it too, I knew that it needed a lot of editing before it could finally say what I wanted it to say. Seven edits and a lot of hard work later, I ended up with the finished product. And the best part: I dedicated it to my brother! 

Me:What are you currently working on? 
Alexandra: I have quite a few projects that I’m working on! I’m working on the last finishing touches to my short novella, slated for release on the 23rd, as well as my first fantasy novel “The Ending”, coming out April 4th. I’m also continuing work on my Snowflake Triplet series, as well as the Foxfire Chronicles, and a few other surprises. The next Foxfire Chronicles book, “Shadows at Midnight”, will definitely launch the readers more into the science-fiction/horror side of the series (as well as the more romantic side), and I can’t wait for everyone to read it and all of the other books that I’m working on! 

Thank you all for checking out the interview, and a big thank you to Silvana for participating in the tour and all of her hard work on this post! 

Yours in Writing, 


Thank you, Alexandra!!!

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