She Tells All by Judah Lee Davis

Title:She Tells All
Author:Judah Lee Davis
Genre: Chick-lit,Erotic
Pages: 228(paperback)

Author’s page:http://judahleedavis.wordpress.com/
on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Judah-Lee-Davis/e/B006VDIHA0

From the cover:
Her magic stilettos ensure she will get lucky tonight ,while her big mouth ensures she will stay in trouble.
  This sleepy southern town just isn’t big enough for the mischievous adventures of Madison Miller.From her affinity for men with tattoos to her disdain for spiritual matters, she appears to be a hopeless case.But one day she will meet someone who will change her life forever.

My review:

       Confessions of a one lost soul or almost lost.Tales of a woman retold under the tablecloth of men’s bed. Madison is a young woman who is with free spirit and freely refers to her sexual life. Without hair on her tongue, she talks about everything, and how she has became such a bitch. She is absolutely sex Goddess; she is hot, sexy, rebellious women. She really tells us all naughty behaviours. It looks like she is born to be wild and rebellious. She is a hilarious heroine. She tells what not to do.
     Every teenage girl must read this book, because is funny and educational, it teach how may ruin a life in one seconde. 
    Madison wants to date with different men, but all those men are assholes, not perfect. All that night’s adventures will brings her in mat position-no married with a child. Is there Mr. Perfect for Madison?
    When I read this book I laugh, then I cry, then again I laugh. So serious situation presented on a unique funny way. 

This book is:                        


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