The Adventure of Jimmy and Charlie by Rodney Mack

Title:The Adventure of Jimmy and Charlie
Author:Rodney Mack
Genre:Children’s book

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My review:

     The Adventure of Jimmy and Charlie is a children’s book. From this book, our children will learn with Jimmy and Charlie, the main characters in the book about God’s faithfulness and the importance of obeying parents.
      There are tree story about two little cats Jimmy and Charlie. Jimmy is a black cat and Charlie is white on his belly and around his mouth and his paws is white as he is wearing a gloves.
      They were orphaned cats, until some good people are find them. Then they got Mommy and Daddy. Two good people man and wife take care about those two little creatures on they farm.
      On the farm beside other animal are two dogs and one big, adult cat Jasper. They accepted Jimmy and Charlie and were patient with them, because they were very restless and curious.
       Day by day Jimmy and Charlie learned something new about life, growing, other animals and humans. They learned how to keep themselves safe. Though, most important they learn from their mistakes.
        I like so much those little cats, they are so cute and lovable, but most important to me was that my five years old son enjoying in this book every night before his sleep.
        Jimmy, Charlie, Jasper, Zack, and Pookie are real animals.  These tree stories are based on real events in their lives.

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