Turnabout by April Alisa Marquette

Author:April Alisa Marquette

Author’s pages:http://www.aprilalisamarquette.com/


From the cover:

Sexy, savvy Abigail takes care of everyone in her circle of friends and family. However, one night something happens. Distressed, she shows up at the home of ruggedly attractive, pop music producer, Joseph Forrester. He would like them to become a couple. Yet it seems they just may be doomed to remain apart, due to conflicting emotions, and other people –namely Abigail’s unscrupulous ex. This man has learned something that she’s kept secret. He plans to use garnered knowledge to advance himself, even amid the misfortune that suddenly befalls her Will the seemingly star-crossed lovers be able to rely on those that Abigail has cared for in the past? Amid a terrible tragedy, will love sustain the couple, or will Abigail simply…slip away, for good, this time?

My review:

     Abigail is simple, a successful business woman, she is good person who likes to help to everyone. She had everything and shining life. Had she? No. It just seems so like that. Abigail had been raped when she was on college, than her ex; Darée was not very gentle with her, because all of that she is very cautious with men even with Joseph. With Joseph, she felt protected and wanted.
     Joseph is good and sexy producer and Abigail’s best friend since was child. He loves her with all his heart, but is that enough. He waited her all life and been to her a shoulder to cry on. Until when he will wait her?!

      They finally slept together and it becomes a problem. He isn’t believe her when she told him that she loves him. After that night, they were apart for while and then back together.
    On Thanksgiving Abigail took all her family together on her apartment. Abigail has a great time until Joseph friend is appear…
     This is story for two people in love.April describes all their moods, desires and doubts, all their thoughts and feelings like jealousy, lust and pain.

This book is:



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