Easter’s Lilly by Judy Serrano

Title:Easter’s Lilly
Author:Judy Serrano
Pages:296(e book)
Part of series

Author’s pages:

My review:

   After one party Lilly, she wakes up in bed to a complete stranger. He is Johnny. He explain to her that he rescued her from not to being seen by her father on that party, but her father although not saw her he knows.
     Lilly’s father is a cop. Johnny is drugs dealer, Lilly’s father and other people told her about him, but she don’t listen. She falls in love with Johnny. 
     Johnny has bad accident and leaving Lilly pregnant and alone
    Lilly is seems like good girl, educated and well-raised, but about Johnny she acting not responsible I don’t like that behaviour and when I read about that I was mad to her. It seems that she is one of those women who are attracted by the bad boys.   
   There so much mystery and intrigue with romance sparkles through the pages until the end of the book. Drug dealers and cops good and bed made the book interesting and full of violence and keep reader in attention to the last page. 

This book is:

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