Smart Cookies Award

    I received blog award “Smart Cookies” from Liz Davis, writer, blogger and good friend. Before I say, few interesting things, first must say thank you to Liz from:

http://novel-moments.blogspot.com/ and author to a novel “Tangi’s teardrops”, so THANK YOU,LIZ!!!
Here are the rules:
1) Thank the award giver and add a link to their blog. 
2) Share some interesting facts on anything.
3) Pass the award to other “Smart Cookies”.
Oh, which facts I choose from those interesting facts that I find on Internet?!
(some of them I already know)
1.      Friggatriskaidekaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th
2.    Fish has all essential amino acids that humans need to survive. However, we could die if we had only fish in our diet.
3.    Tesla coil is an invention of Nikola Tesla; this instrument is actually a transformer. 
4.    Jupiter is the Roman god of the sky and thunder, the planet Jupiter technically has no surface as it is entirely made out of gas.
5.     The origin of the Latin word for book, liber, comes from the Romans who used the thin layer found between the bark and the wood (the liber) before the times of parchment.
6.    Barnes and Noble Bookstore, New York City, USA. It has 12 miles (20.71km) of shelving and covers an area of 14,330m² (154,250ft²).
7.     The first published book ever written on a typewriter was The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Mark Twain used a Remington in 1875.
Here are the nominees:
1. Juliette Sobanet from Chocolate for writers
Melissa Amster  and Melissa Patafio from Chick Lit Central http://chicklitcentraltheblog.blogspot.com/
3.Samantha from Chick Lit Plus
4.Marina from Library Cat
5.Vicky from Books,biscuits and tea


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