Interview with Rodney Mack

       Like you know I had a review about “The adventures of Jimmy and Charlie” and now an interview with the author Rodney Mack.
1.Tell us something about yourself.
   R: I think I’m very ordinary.  My wife & I have been married for 35 years. As you know from the book,  we have two human children, one daughter & one son. Our daughter has two daughters. We like to go to the lake during the summer with our friends & family. If there is another book, there will be stories about that. 

We have regular jobs, writing is just a hobby. We go to work, go home, & go to church. We have a great church & great pastor. I think I’m very average.
2.Why do you writing?
  R: I like writing because I like reading.  I have loved to read even before I went to school. As I got older, I read “The Bobbsey Twins”, then “Tom Swift”, and then “The Hardy Boys”. I hope to write a great series like those. Right now I enjoy Tom Clancy. 
I like to write because I remember how I could lose myself in a story. I want other kids to experience that feeling. I want them to bond with Jimmy & Charlie. The stories are written in a way that Jimmy & Charlie could be kids instead of cats. 
3.When did you decide to write?
   R: I had started some stories several years ago, but just couldn’t stay interested, so I knew no one else would be. This time, I didn’t write about myself.
I got serious about 3 years ago after I had broken my collar bone. (That will be a story also) My wife & I had talked about the things that happened to Jimmy & Charlie, and decided that God must be protecting them for a reason. We began making notes, and while my shoulder healed, I began to write.
4.Why you write children’s book?
    R: I touched on this earlier. I loved to read as a child, and want other kids to experience the same excitement I felt as I lost myself in those stories. It’s fun to pretend a mouse can ride a motorcycle or you are in space or under the ocean with Tom Swift or capturing bad guys with Frank and Joe Hardy. I want kids of all ages (even grown up big kids) to enjoy and learn from Jimmy & Charlie’s adventures. I want them to laugh and cry in the same story. 
5.What do you do to get inspiration?R: I can’t take credit for this. I believe that God inspired these stories. The things that happened to Jimmy & Charlie had to be for a reason. And for them to survive had to be devine protection. I just didn’t know why. Maybe other people needed to know. That was when we started to get serious about the stories. When I started to write, the storyline fell into place. I’ve heard of “writer’s block”, but with these stories I never had a problem. I just had to write down what happened. 
6.What are you currently working on?
   R: More Jimmy & Charlie stories. They are always into something. I have taken a break since the book was released. 
7.I know that you love pets, why you choose cats and dogs?
   R: Dogs and cats are the main characters because that is what we have. There are some chickens that will be in later stories and an owl. 

Thank you, Rodney!


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