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Ada’s Rules by Alice Randall

Title:Ada’s Rules
Author:Alice Randall
Genre: Chick Lit,Humor


Expected publication: April 24th, 2012
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My review:
     Ada is fifty years old women, married. She is founder and director of the today-care center. She is a real woman, her husband Lucius “Preach” Howard, the pastor of Nashville’s Full Love Gospel Tabernacle. She suspected that he is cheating her, because he gone all the time, bought a new car and lost his weight, he even doesn’t touch her. One day she receives an invitation to her 25th college reunion, and then it started…, the madness to be like in her college days, skinny. Suddenly she means that she is fat. Then she began one great plan to losing her weight. Every part of this scheme is one chapter of this book and in each chapter is explained by one rule    ” How to get a skinny body.”
The book is interesting, funny and helpful. It is not an ordinary book about diet with many recipes for starvation, but it is just a novel for one woman who is going to be a skinny woman as she was before. But first of all in this novel I liked most Ada’s thoughts about everything: life, love her husband.
The author says:
“So the very first rule of this diet book is: If you want to be skinny easy, pick skinny parents. If you can’t pick skinny parents, read my book.And if you picked skinny parents and you want to stay skinny in this new fat world-read my book.”
This book is:

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