Sex,Life and Hannah by Dorota Skrzypek

Title: Sex,Life and Hanna
Author: Dorota Skrzypek
Genre:Chick Lit,Woman Fiction
(part of the series)

My review:

Hannah is like all of us young woman, but she doesn’t ashamed of her sexuality and she doesn’t hiding behind any facade.
    Hannah is dating with her boyfriend five years and they are engaged, but after few break ups he really means that they should be apart. But Hannah was expected to marry him. Devastated with broken heart and shattered illusions she must go on without him. Hannah isn’t alone she has her friends: Jack, Ireland and Celeste and her neighbors Chopper, Clark and Ben to make it easier to pass this situation. She has a few dates but she doesn’t stop to thinking about The Ex. When she goes out with her friend Celeste she meets Mr.Smyth a nice, sexy and good looking man.
     This isn’t a regular story about two people in love, but this is incredible story about the life of Hannah which including her sexual life, her love life and social life.
     This is first book of series about Hannah. I love the style of the book it looks like magazine: colorful with double pages look and I love those tiny icons which shows up in the end of every chapter.
 It is like I read “Sex and The City” with some new Samantha like main character, but I liked more Hannah vs. Samantha.
“Love happens when you least expect it to, oftentimes with someone least expect it to happen with, and more often then not at inopportune moment.”

I’ll be back for few days with review for second book!

This book is:            


2 thoughts on “Sex,Life and Hannah by Dorota Skrzypek”

  1. Great review! I haven't heard about Hannah yet, but hell, this book looks good! I was thinking it about to read a Adult romance, which isn't like historical romance 😛 I mean I like them too. I just wanted to read one in a recent time these days 😛 So thanks for the suggestion!! 😉 🙂


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