Sex,Life and Hannah, Volume 2, Spring Season by Dorota Skrzypek

Title:Sex,Life and Hannah
Author: Dorota Skrzypek
Genre: Chick Lit,Woman Fiction
(part of the series,volume 2)

author pages:

First read the first book:
Sex,Life and Hannah,Volume 1, Winter Season


My review:

     Spring season is starting with Hannah in Hospital, because she has a car accident in first volume of the series. When she opens her eyes couldn’t believe in her eyes. She looks The Ex. He is so nice to her and he is acting like nothing happened. He tells her that he missed her, but Hannah is not stupid. I like that part of the book so much when she returns him and tells him what he deserves.
     Then she moved with her life on vacation in her friend Lola, actress who wants to have a baby and in that occasion she hired the man from agency to get her a pregnant.
When she forgets that she been hurt and relaxes herself suddenly appears her sister among the sheet of her best friend Jack. That causes to her storm of memories from the past. After few days she goes on date with Mr.Smyth, everything is perfect, he is adorable and nice, and she can’t stop herself to thinking about him like he is The One.
Then he leads her in the shower and he is so gentle and in the middle of that intimate situation he tells her something like he wants to be just friends. After few adventures with her girlfriends and her neighbour Ben, Mr.Smyth is back in the game…
     Like first book I liked so much and this one. I like Hannah’s thoughts about The One that I understood as soul mate, a perfect match. Hannah believes that somewhere exist one who love her and she loves him that everyone have this The One a soul mate. I agree with Hannah.

 “I always believed in “The One”:your true love, your soul mate, your other half who completed you. I believe we were like penguins, who mated for life and died suddenly when the other didn’t return from hunting mission. I didn’t believe that being with The One was always perfect birds chirping, flowers blooming and rays of sunshine; but I believe it lasted forever.”

This book is:

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