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Build a Man by Talli Roland

Title: Build a Man
Author: Talli Roland
Genre: Chick Lit, Romance
Pages: 352 ( e-book)
Publisher:Notting Hill Press (November 5, 2011)
 author pages:,  Amazon                    

My review:

    Serenity has an almost perfect life; she has a job like receptionist in her boyfriend plastic surgeon clinic. Yes, her boyfriend is a doctor, surgeon. They live together. But she is not satisfied of her life like receptionist. Serenity wants to be a journalist in a magazine not to work and meet everyday arrogant and selfish Botox- women, who referring as she does not exist or worse.
   I laugh so much at Serenity’s thoughts about all that plastic clinic stuff, about her thinking about the behaviour of these women.
   One day in Clinic came Jeremy, who wants to be operated. He wants to change everything, his nose, his face and he wants liposuction. He isn’t bad looking what he doing here!?
After consultation with Jeremy she got idea to write about him and his wish to transform in better man to get with women. She writes an article sends that to Leza Larke, the health and beauty editor at The Daily Planet, Britain’s biggest tabloid and Leza accept her to write a column on this.
   Step by step she tells everything what happened with Jeremy and she became closer to him. But everything is going wrong…
    I laughed most of the time when I read “Build a Man” and I was wondering about some things I read about Botox and plastic surgery.
Serenity is my favourite character she is so likable and funny. Her friends the lovely couple Kristy and Tim are great and things about them are so refreshing and interesting. Jeremy is definitely a kind of man that I love, considerate and a gentleman, good looking.
 I was surprised when in the end I read that the story continued in “Build a Couple”.
This book is more than:

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