amazing, Callie Kingston,

Undertow by Callie Kingston

Title: Undertow
Author: Callie Kingston
Genre: YA
Pages: 225(paperback)
Publisher: Carolwood Press
author pages:

My review:
 Marissa is eighteen years old girl with traumatic past, her parents are divorced and her sister is dead.

Marissa living with her boyfriend Drake, but one day she finds that he cheating her.
                                            Then that started…
       Marissa goes to the beach and throws herself into the ocean. Does she do that or it’s just a dream. Since then she has a really realistic dreams that when she throws in the Ocean safes her some wonderful creature, a merman.
      After Drake she moved in some flat with other student Erin. There she meet some amazing boy Jim and started to dating with him. He is a perfect guy. But the dreams can’t stop to hunting her and she wants to know the truth it’s really happened or it’s just a dream. In the way to reveal the truth she became obsessed about mermen.
That obsession brings her right to the Ocean.
Who will rescue her this time or maybe she will lost forever?
         This book makes me obsessed with it. I just don’t left until I read the whole. I like the all story and how the author reveals it piece by piece. It makes me think how is fragile the human mind, how is easy to believe in something and that to bring you in total obsession.
          Marissa is cute girl I like her so much and I feel sorrow for her and what she experienced in the past all that pain and lost makes me sadder. But that feeling goes very quickly when story go on.
This book is:


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