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The Deathly Portent by Elizabeth Bailey

Title: The Deathly Portent
Author: Elizabeth Baiely
Genre: Mystery, Crime
Pages: 369(paperback)
Publisher: Berkley Trade
part of the series A Lady Fan Mystery

author’s pages: on Amazon

My review:

      Ottilia(Tillie)  and her husband Sir Francis after visiting Ottilia’s not so pleasant mentor, are stuck in the village Witherley because the axletree of the carriage was broken. But it is not that bad considering that the blacksmith in the village is dead.
 Blacksmith Duggleby is squeezed by a falling roof and then finished by fire.
Is it by the storm or Duggleby is murdered by some cruel man?  
The locals blamed Cassie Dale for the death of Duggleby just because she warned him about what will happen she saw that in her visions. The locals think that she is a witch.
     When Ottilia listen about that nothing can’t stop her to investigate and rapidly uncovers suspects.
     When I was start to read this book I think that I don’t understand anything, but with every turned page I get into the matter. I think this was because of the language in this book, which is appropriate for that period-17th or 18th century (I think).
     It is interesting book without modern automation, with carriages, torches, witch crafting and other things were characteristic for this period.
 This book is:

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