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From Zero To Four Kids by Amy L. Peterson

Title: From Zero To Four Kids
Author: Amy L. Peterson
Genre: Chick Lit,Family,Humor
Pages: 262
Publisher: Createspace

author’s pages: Amazon, GoodReads

My review:
Amy live her perfect life.She has a job and her own home. She doesn’t believe in marriage. After four years relationship with one terrific guy she decided that to be single is a great thing, but  one day she meet Mark.

Mark is a divorced man with four kids.
Amy sees Mark at work a couple of times, but one day he goes in her office and ask her does she have a tent. He needed a tent so his kids could camp out in his backyard. She borrowed him a tent and the story began.
What will happen when Amy meets Mark’s kids?
Do they like her or “kill” her?
Is there a good stepmother in this world?
Is a true story, funny and interested and this is enough for me to read it.
This book is well written.
I just don’t like it those “ten” pages explanations about her work or maybe I was tired when I was read those pages.
“I was being watched and scrutinized, after all, and I didn’t want to be anything but positive. And I didn’t want to be blabby. And I didn’t want to be hated. In fact I didn’t really want to be at all.”


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