great book,, YA

The School With Chocolate Air by Jenifer Rubloff

Title:The School with Chocolate Air
Author: Jenifer Rubloff
Genre: Triller,YA
Pages: 223(e book)
the author’s pages:
Amazon, GoodReads

My review:

           “One day you’re up…”-that sentence opens room for much thoughts, and that sentence can be completed in many ways with different end. First sentence of this book was this sentence, which makes my brain completely in mess, I make different end of this book but through reading I was surprise several times.
       This is story about Betsy Butters. She must goes in school in Switzerland and makes new fresh beginning. How to do that when everything is deferent: the language, friends and places?
Very soon Betsy will fall in web of intrigues and that makes this book much interesting. Till Betsy comes Chateau Mont Blanc was the best school for girls in Europe without violations of rules by the students. Very important artifacts was stolen and guess what will happen next.
     Betsy is simple girl maybe naïve. I don’t like how that her naivety brings her in danger.
    Madame Gastang is directress of the school. She is example of authority.
This book is maybe handbook for young girls how they must not trust anyone.
This book is:                                                


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