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Paraglide by Peter Anthony Kelley

Title: Paraglide
Author: Peter Anthony Kelley
Genre: YA,Thriller
Pages: 212(e book)
Published: April 10th 1012

My review:   
      All Jim and Erica wants is just a little bit adventure like every teenagers in the world. Jim and Erica are siblings they father left and their mother decided to bring them in Europe to visit their aunt. Jim wants to go in Paris, but Paris isn’t on his mother’s itinerary. In London they not only got adventure but adrenaline shock. Their mother was kidnapped and they are all along. The kidnappers demand is some key and their father. But where he is? Where they go to find him?
     London, Colchester, Venice are stations to their adventure which became extremely dangerous.
     When I start to read this book I was thinking that it looks better that kidnapping kids will be right thing not the mother, but if that was happened the book will not be YA thriller but just thriller. How I go deeper in the book I realized that this is just how mast be.
       Jim is real teenage hero and his sister Erica is smart girl. I just love to read Erica’s smart games with the words and I was thrilled how she knows grammar on that age, she is nine years old.
      It was great to read Paraglide, it is adventure with lot of twists and turn which keeping you to read and read till the end. I like the story about the mansion (I can’t say which mansion to not spoil), specially the description to the local place and the rumors about it-how the rumors are part of every small town and do people have reverse picture about things.
This book is: 



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