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Fracture The Secret Enemy Saga by Virginia McKevitt

Title: Fracture The Secret Enemy Saga
Author:  Virginia McKevitt
Genre: Paranormal,Romance,Adventure
Pages: 222(e-book)
Publisher: CreateSpace on March 6th 2012
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My review:
       Strange things begin to happen in one small town. Almost everybody in the town has headaches and dreams the same dreams. Some people have been killed. The parents of Kristine were killed, she is missing or her friends think that.

                   The fracture between two worlds is open!
   Every page from this book is full of action and adventure, mystery and fantasy.
   This book makes me believe that my thoughts about aliens and parallel universes are real happened, that aliens and parallel universes exist. Like a teenage girl in summers I hardly waited night to fall and stars show up and then I was placed comfortably and watched the starry sky. Then in those starry nights my thoughts growing up and my imagination started to bloom around me. Reading Fracture I was back in my teenage years staring in the stars, waiting something to happen.It does not mean that I’m not doing it now.
    The cover is perfectly done, because if you read this book you will understand that man from the cover is exactly how was Tegrin describe in the book, a lion-man, a woman beside him would be Kristine-a perfect, emerald, green eyes and red, long hair, I would love to see it more from her hair. Whole picture from the cover is red so for that reason Kristine’s hair not seen, its seams to me like whole picture is covering with her hair or so should look like that.
   This book is:                  

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