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Water by Terra Harmony

Title: Water
Author: Terra Harmony
Genre: Fantasy-Eco, Paranormal 
Pages: 220
Published: September 27th 2011

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My review:
         Mother Earth is in danger like she always be since humans walk on her (my thought)-the pollution, climatic changes and all other things that people do.

One little organization called them self Seven makes all to save the Earth. They can’t do it by them self. They needed other people calls Gaias. Gaias was a woman with special powers.
      Kaithlyn will find out her powers when she will be kidnapped. She becomes part of organization and day by day she will learn how to use her powers.
        Water is so real so unbelievable real reading. Terra Harmony did great think writing this her first book. Water is first book from Akasha series. It is eco fantasy book. It is eco because there are many things which Terra explained about saving Earth from pollution. While I read I thought that Terra was shown all her knowledge about ecology, biology, chemistry and mythology.  
     I like so much passage about meanings of term “seven”. I like it so much the scene in bathroom, but I was terrify from scene in greenhouse-how is insignificant female power in comparison with male, even if she has special powers.
    The quote from Water:
“What I needed was to be wanted in a world I no longer felt a part of. More then that, I needed to be desired, loved in spite of my faults.”
 This book is:

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