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How to Look Like You by Rose Mcclelland

Title: How to Look Like You
Author: Rose Mcclelland
Genre: Romance, Chick Lit
Pages: 231(e book)
Expected publication on July 5th 2012

My review:
       Frenemy thing began to happen when Ella start to work with Aidan…
        Ella and Chloe, they are two different girls who don’t know each other while Aidan does not introduced each other. And then they become frenemy.
      Aidan is Chloe’s boyfriend, they live in the same apartment and they love each other, until…Chloe is Barbie-girl, beautiful and always dressed in the latest fashion pieces.
     Ella is beautiful, smart girl. She wants to be an actress, but that is so hard to make it. She just has a dream like every girl to find a Mr. Right and married him, have children and lives happy ever after. On the way to find all those things Ella meets Aidan. He is a perfect, gentle, good looking man. He is a man who is worth fighting.
                      But where those things will go?
     Rose shows the same situation from two different points of view. She masterfully intertwined stories of Ella and Chloe. They deepest thoughts, desires and fears are on plate. Every page shows something new about one of them and while you turn the pages you make complete picture about main characters. It is interesting that the author does not take side, equally describes Ella and Chloe without judging. So when you read about Ella you love her and the same things happens when you read about Chloe.
 This book is:


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