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Brother Number Three by Judy Serrano

Title: Brother Number Three
Author: Judy Serrano
Genre: Thriller, Romance
Pages: 276 (e book)
part of a series
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My review:
Where Easter’s Lily first book from this series ends there is the beginning of the second book named as Brother Number Three. I recommended reading first Easter’s Lily then this one book, because they are related.
    Lily’s life must go on without her missing son. Max, Diego, Hector and Lily do everything in their power to find what happens with Lily’s baby boy. Searching for the truth they do really crazy things. Again there are FBI investigations and lots of twists and suspense.
   Like first book this one is easy reading. In first few chapters I had a feeling that somehow the author neglects investigation in favor of some values as relationships between brothers and relations between husband and wife and of course love.
I don’t like what is happens in the house when Max was absent that scenes looks like some episode from Jerry Springer Show. From those scenes I don’t respect much Lily’s actions in this and in first book.
  This book is:

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