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Survivor’s game by David Karmi -book info

Title:Survivor’s game(part of the series)
Author: David Karmi
Genre:Non fiction 

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Book info: 


Some people have a knack for survival, for getting out of jams. Twelve-year-old David Karmi, a master of the art, is about to be put to the ultimate test.
War has consumed the world and David finds himself in the middle of a human slaughter on a planetary scale. Whole towns are vaporized. Cities obliterated in firestorms. More than fifty million people will die twelve million either gassed, shot, hanged, worked to death or subjected to biological experiments.
And now David’s luck has finally run out. Having already endured one horrifying deportation, he and his family are rounded up for the second time and forced onto a train that will bring them all to the very heart of the Nazi extermination machine.
Separated from his parents and siblings, the teenager is hurled into a nightmare of death camps, forced marches, sickness, violence and depravity. On his own, through the torturous months that follow, David endures Auschwitz, Dachau and the Warsaw ghetto.
Though he is just a kid, David will try to stay alive by his wits and instincts, taking terrifying chances, making split-second decisions and learning the tricks and techniques of survival. But time is running out. His only hope is that the Nazis will be defeated and the American soldiers will free him and his family before it s too late.

About the Author:

After being liberated from a Nazi concentration camp by the Allies in WWII, David Karmi made his way to Palestine, fought in the war of independence and became part of the army that created the Nation of Israel. After moving to the US, he pursued a thriving career in construction, building numerous residential developments and condos in New York City. David is still involved in the ownership and management of commercial buildings in New York City and Long Island.

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