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Public Property by Mandy Baggot-review

Title: Public Property
Author: Mandy Baggot
Genre: Romance,Chick Lit, Drama
Pages: 219 (e-book)
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Author’s page: http://www.mandybaggot.com/
My review:

  Which on earth have a perfect life? Maybe Freya and Nicolas have a perfect life? I don’t know!?
    She is a photographer and he is a movie star. They are living together in great house in small town .They drink tea with paparazzi in front of their house. It’s perfect like happy ever after, but the ghosts from her past reveal some secrets.
    Freya she thinks about herself that she is a black and white person, when I read this I think OMG she is like me I do not recognize gray ,I mean when I do something I do with all my heart or when I talk with someone I’d like to understand and to be understood. She is a contemporary women,  busy and she is engaged but she don’t think about to get married soon, while other women think that long engagements are just a man’s way of putting of the big day she doesn’t means that . Will she change her opinion?
    Nicolas Kaden is perfect, famous and devoted man. I like how the author describe Nick as ordinary and so grounded, but still he is a Hollywood’s star.
    The story goes first in so calm and warm atmosphere in their relationship to some unpredictable turns. I enjoy from the first to the last page. This is sequel to Excess All Areas.
This book is:          

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