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The Promise (The Lady Quill Chronicles, #1) by D.D.Chant

Title: The Promise (Lady Quill Chronicles#1)
Author:D.D. Chant 
Genre: Historical romance
Pages:326 (paperback)
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There is Lady Quill and she wants to tell us a story:

   Lord Rafe goes to gets his fiancée Lady Adele, but he don’t reveals who he is. Lady Adele thinking how he looks likes remembering his letters and how she imagined him. He is a Lord, warrior and adorable man. For political reasons he was betrothed to Lady Adele. When she was two years old all of her family was killed she was only survivor. She was raised to be his wife.

  This book is first one of the historical series The Lady Quill Chronicles.I liked and I enjoy reading it. The story is good developed just like fable and the characters are so realistic and likable even though some of them have weird names. I liked so much Rafe’s friends and there’s loyalty and pure friendship. 

This book is:


3 thoughts on “The Promise (The Lady Quill Chronicles, #1) by D.D.Chant”

  1. Thanks a lot of this book review, it was very compelling. It sounds like there was quite a lot of conflict involved with this story. To have strong characters is very important to a good novel. I am excited to hear that this is only the first edition in the series.

    from Marry at Online PhD UK


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