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Candy and the Cankersaur by Jason Sandberg-review

Title: Candy and Cankersaur
Author: Jason Sandberg
Genre: Children’s book
Pages: 32 (e-book)
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My review:

         Candy is sweet little girl who gets everything a child could wish for, even a dinosaur. Her father is a very busy. She gets a dinosaur as a gift from her father and she decides to train him as a pet.
      Candy and the Cankersaur is great story book for 3-6 age children.
The whole story is likable and my 6 years old son enjoy a lot when I was reading him. This book has awesome illustrations for every part of the story. 
The most I liked that the story contains a moral lesson.

      I recommend this book to all those who have small children and grandchildren to read them before they going to sleep.

This book is:

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