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When Good Friends Go Bad by Ellie Campbell-review

Title: When Good Friends Go Bad
Author: Ellie Campbell
Genre: Contemporary,Chick-lit,Romance
Pages:474 (paperback)

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My review:

     All begins in 1980 four teenage girls:  Jennifer, Georgina, Rowan and Nutmeg meet each other in school. Almost after first conversation they became good friends, even though they were so different in appearance and in their temperaments. Meg (Nutmeg) was ginger- haired girl with freckles, Rowan has black hair and blue eyes and she was so brave girl, Jen was a quiet, shy girl maybe a lit bit naïve, Georgina was fat girl with olive skin and brown hair. Suddenly a child’s prank will end their friendship.
 After twelve years Rowan organizes their reunion. Everything has been put right: their meeting, their accommodation, but one of them is missing. Rowan didn’t shows up. She was the organizer of the meeting but she did not appear. Where she is? What she up to? What if something bad happen to her? But it is not the only concern… They are not girls anymore. Neither one of them is not the same. Georgina had a secret and it was revealed. Jen start goes back in the past and brings to mind how she spends time with her great love. The reunion is not successful. Then Meg will try to put them together in search of Rowan.

Great read I must admit. I was reading this book a long time not because it wasn’t interesting to me but because I wanted to feel all things described in the book. The story is well done and compact although not in one timeline, despite returns in the past. Of the main characters I liked so much Jen, she is so honest and very likeable.

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