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The New Crown by Jason Sandberg-review

Title: The New Crown
Author: Jason Sandberg
Genre: Children’s book
Pages: 29

the author’s page :

My review:

     Somewhere on the top of the mountain was the Kingdom of Platavia. With Platavia reigning king Plunder. He was so cruel, everyone in the Kingdom was afraid of him and his guard. King Plunder was bad man and he gives people bad advice. But in Platavia not everything was bad. There was living one so good and wonderful person.
         What will happen with Platavia and the people who live          there?
          What will happen with Plunder?

       Just read this amazing children’s book and you will find the answers.  I highly recommend this book, because it is so enjoyable with lesson. I read this book to my sex years old son, he enjoy so much and ask me to read again and again, just like previous book by Jason Sandberg “Candy and the Cankersaur”.

This book is:    

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