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Christmas Carol by Michele Gorman-review

Title: Christmas Carol
Author: Michele Gorman
Genre: Chick-lit,Romance
Pages: 59
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My review:

Christmas is special time of the year, but for Marley is the very special day, maybe day of her life, because she getting married. But the story isn’t about Marley it’s about her sister Carol. Carol is not excited about Christmas time even she is not excited about her sister’s wedding. She feels trapped somewhere in rural Scotland with her family and her ex boyfriend.
Carol is very interesting character. She is intelligent, good looking and fashioned workaholic .I like her so much and I laugh on her reaction and thoughts.
The novel is short and funny, so the pages were turning fast. The Christmas is distant from now, but while I read this book I feel warmed and pleasant just like Christmas was here. Rural Scotland, Christmas and wedding all those things are so exciting and make you feel completely romantic. All I saying is that Michelle done great job writing this amazing novel.

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