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The Last Letter from Your Lover by Jojo Moyes

Title: The Last Letter from Your Lover
Author: Jojo Moyes
Genre: Romance

Pages: 390(paperback)

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My review: 

Year 1960.Jennifer is awaking up in hospital after she had an accident. She can’t remember anything. Who is this man that everybody sad that he is her husband? Who she is?
      She comes home or the place who everybody sad that is her home? She learns where it’s her bedroom, living room and the other rooms. When she decides to arrange her clothes in her closet she finds a letter which hides her secret. Time after time Jennifer will reveal who she is…

      Wow! It’s perfect book. I’m afraid to comment about this book not to spoil the perfectness of it.
“Last letter from your lover” has everything that I’m looking in one book:
– excellent written story
 – interesting characters who live in the sixties of the last century and into the twenty first century
– suspense –not like thriller –suspense, but enough to keep you awake till the very end; you will constantly ask yourself :
“Is he died in Congo or he is happy married somewhere?”
“Did she(Ellie)stop acting like this?”…
This book is :            


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