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Angel Kate by Anna Ramsay-review

Title: Angel Kate

Author:  Anna Ramsay
Genre: Romance, Doctor/Medical
Pages: 163(e-book)
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My review:

      Kate is working in the Hospital as staff nurse .She love her job. Love to help people, because she wants to be useful not to be selfish anymore as she was before. Kate has a boyfriend, he works in the same hospital and he is pathologist.
     Doctor Tom Galvin is neurosurgeon. He is good looking and kind man. Exiting of the hospital he meets Kate. When he saw her he think that she is a mermaid with a good, long legs and blond, long hair. How it happens that he doesn’t see her before in the Hospital.
The same night Dr. Galvan had a car accident and he was brought to the hospital, not as doctor this time but as a patient. Stuck in the hospital bed he becomes patient from hell.
     If you like to watch a TV serials like: Gray’s Anatomy or Emily Owens MD this book is perfect for you.

   This book is calm and likable about nursing and caring. I was enjoying reading it.
Kate is caring person. She lived selfish life and she wants to fix it and be useful. She looks great with her long legs and great body.
Tom is perfect man, professional as a doctor, kind and carrying as man, but the situations can change a man.

This book is provided by author in exchange of honest review.
My rating: 4/5 (great book)

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