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Who Killed Tom Jones by Gale Martin-review

Title: Who Killed Tom Jones
Author: Gale Martin
Pages: 312(e-book,ARC)

 Expected publication: January 21st 2014 by Booktrope Editions    

My review:

This book is interesting mystery. It’s about twenty and something years old Elli, who search for hot romance. She read in Horoscope that she will meet some person, who will change her life and she goes in concert that performers sing a songs of Tom Jones. First performer Stan McCann singing on stage broke his leg. Some Dorothy who sits next to Elli on this concert, a big fan of Stan, tells her that this is sabotage and Stan not broke his leg accidentally.
    Then all goes upside down. I ask myself:” Is there a really sabotage or its fantasy of some crazy woman?” I continue reading and bang someone is killed, and then begins the search for the killer.
This book stirs several emotions to me; while I read it I was shocked, I laughed in some situations, I cried in other one. The content of this book is compact and well done and there is something for each reader.
Elli is great person, she is diligent, polite, and she wants to help and give her unconditional love especially to rest home residents. She is dedicated to her work as a receptionist in Finger Rest Home. Elli also has a detective skills and I like her so much.
When I receive this book I think OMG what kind of book has that name, but while I turn the pages I change my mind.This book I recommended in this winter days without snow (here in Macedonia we don’t have a snow yet), because it makes your days good and fulfilled.
My rating: 4/5 (great book)

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