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Take a Look at Me Now by Miranda Dickinson-review

Title: Take a Look at Me Now  
Author: Miranda Dickinson
Genre: Chick lit, Romance
Pages: 390(kindle)

Published October 24th 2013 by HarperCollins    

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My review:

Nell is ordinary girl with good job and so called boyfriend Aidan, who is her boss. Their relationship is like warm-cold, in one moment they are together in other they don’t.
      That morning is not like the other mornings. Nell received a massage from Aidan to meet him in his office. What a pleasant surprise, Nell thought that Aidan will say to her that he loves her and that is time their relationship to pass in other stage, but it didn’t happen. He resigned her. With broken heart and no job she asks herself what to do now. Suddenly she gets idea to travel and she goes in San Francisco to visit her cousin. San Franciscoeverybody’s favorite city opens many opportunities for Nell, first of all she hangs out with her ​​cousin and she meets lot of great people.
       I’ve expected so much of this book, now I’m little bit disappointed. Probably it’s not about the content of the book, but my very big expectations. Let me explain you what I mean: first time when I sow this book was on FB it was post from the author I thought and comment”this book is for me”, then I bought this book and I was start read it immediately in December 2013,but it’s took me long time to finish it. I expected more sparkles and “fluttery” feeling, laugh and more fun, but I got ordinary read. I repeat it’s about my expectations it’s not about book. The author focused basically on developing characters and disregards the descriptions of places.
It was interesting to read what the characters mean, there in the book it’s plenty of that kind of things especially what Nell, the main character thoughts.
This book I bough from Amazon.
My rating: 3/5 (Good book)                                         

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