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What Would Oprah Do by Erin Emerson-review

Title: What Would Oprah Do
Author: Erin Emerson
Genre: Chick Lit,
Pages: 263 (paperback)

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My review:

      When 32 years old Cate got fired she just didn’t know what would like to do, but the most important is the fact that she does not give up. Cate had some crazy wish Oprah Winfrey to adopt her; even she knows that is not possible however she write letter to Oprah in every turn in her life. On her own, jobless with no money and broken heart she is trying to put her life in right direction attempts various occupations.
   I like Cate so much I had a feeling that I know her, because anyone can find in her situation. Despite her situation she is so tough and the most important of all she has a friends and her sister to support her. When I read about her relationships with her friends and her sister I wished to be Cate, she is so connected with them and this is a blessing.
When I thing now about Vivien she is like fairy, so good and generous. Her friendship with Cate is like grandmother with her granddaughter. I love her green house and the flowers in it.
This book inspired me to not give up of my dreams even if they look unreachable.
This book I bought from Amazon.
My rating:4.5/5(great book)

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