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Dream a Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Philips-review

Title: Dream a Little Dream
Author: Susan Elizabeth Philips
Genre: Romance
Pages: 400 (paperback)

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My review:
   Rachel and her five years old son Edward arrived in Salvation, North Carolina, without money, home and on top of everything her car collapsed in front one old drive-in theater. To be even greater misery the owner of that cinema was really big butthead (that is Rachel word), cold and arrogant Gabe Bonner. Rachel knows that in Salvation is persona non grata (unwanted) but she has nowhere to goes and no one, so she decide that this old cinema is opportunity for her to get a job there, no matter what the owner says or do. After few funny situations she gets a job. 
     Rachel is very brave women although she has no money, no home and starves, she is a fighter and with the last forces she is struggling to provide a crust of bread for her son. I like her very much, because despite her situation she don’t falls into desperation, but she is funny maybe more sarcastic.             Opposite to Rachel, Gabe is desperate and wrapped in his grief, without a glimmer of hope in his life. His sorrow is gigantic. 
    Edward is little cute, he makes me cry in some situations and makes me laugh in other. He is little child with adult attitudes. 
    This book warm my chests, makes me to cry and laugh and to feel like I’m in the sky.
This book was borrowed from my friends and I read it on Macedonian language.
My rating: 5/5(amazing book)

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