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Veiled Destiny by Shirin Humzani-review

Title: Veiled Destiny
Author: Shirin Humzani
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 688(paperback)
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My review:

     Ehla and her family lives in mansion a calm and comfortable life. Ehla has sister Gul Jana and brother Nadir, they acquiescence each other perfectly, they joke and laugh and support each other. One day in their house arrived one old friend to their father with his family. When the two families meet the “troubles” for Ehla began. Her fate became unsecure and unsure specially when in her house arrive a young boy Asfand.
     Ehla is a favorite daughter in family; she is so beautiful like an angel, she is afraid of arranged marriage. Gul Jana is very funny and sympathetic girl, I laugh when she teasers with Ehla. She is engaged with Tahir. Their relationship was interesting to me, their parents arranged their engagement its look like sort of Platonic love.
     When I receive this book I think OMG, it’s so huge, it has 600 pages, but the writing style it’s descriptive and tone is calm and that makes reading enjoyable. I read it slowly, but I consume every word in the book. This book leads me in some different culture; I like it so much when you learn something from the book, especially when it is about real part of the world. It’s about Pakistan, about life in this east country and arranged marriages. Here I learn something about tradition and ceremonies associated with tradition and importance of honor for those people. The honor is so important to them that are prepared to do everything to retain honor even doing dishonest things. I was read books, before, about this Islamic tradition to arrange marriages and to keep women behind walls, but I’m still processing how it like and how those women feels about that.

This book was provided by the author.
My rating: 4/5 (great book)

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