, Kimberly Castillo

The Convenience of Lies by Kimberly Castillo

Title: The Convenience of Lies
Author: Kimberly Castillo
Genre: YA
Pages: 196(kindle)

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My review:
       Mackenzie is ordinary girl; she is junior in high school. She has a life as any other teen age girl. On first day at school when she is trying to find a directions where to goes she meets her friend Kira and Ramon, the guy which she likes. The school days passed by without any troubles and the summer holiday is here. Kira must go in Russia for the summer. What to do Mackenzie without Kira, besides Kira was mad of her. Without her friend Kira Mackenzie was hangout with Ramon first and then with some guys Cody and Shane. Days were passing by, so Kira is back, but the things started to be kind of different.
      The book is written in first person. Mackenzie tells the story. Maybe that was the reason that I don’t sense the narrative tone in the book. I love when the book is written in that, narrative tone it’s like the author or that person who tells the story speaks to me. Mackenzie is little bit naïve, she is here and there and something was missing in her character, I was trying to find what but I couldn’t.
    This book is easy for reading; there aren’t many twists and turns or amusements which could distract your attention. 

This book was provided by the author.
My rating: 2/5

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