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Oenone by Agatha Rae-review

Title: Oenone
Author: Agatha Rae
Genre: Romance, Paranormal
Pages: 378 (kindle)

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My review:

      About half a year Evy is single, after her boyfriend got a job in another city they decided to separate friendly. Since then she dreams about Jeff, about half a year she have those sweaty dreams. In those dreams she has hot nights with her chef Jeff. So how couldn’t she not dreaming about him when he is simply wonderful, so handsome, friendly, helpful and charming.She have a very good friends Laura and Bruce Levinson, but every Evy’s problem will seams so pathetic when they will finds that Laura is seek. After some situation strange things began to happen.
      I enjoy reading this book cause the story simply flowed without any distractions and unnecessary situations. The tone is calm and soothing.
     The sentences are short and they tell you exactly what you suppose to know about situations and actions of the main characters. I love it.
Then I love that “secret” character is so intriguing and make you to read and make you to willing what happen here. This is paranormal book but even if you don’t like that genre you will love this book I’m certain in that.

This book was provided by the author for honest review.
My rating: 5/5(amazing book)

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