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Zoey & The Moment of Zen by Cat Lavoie-review


Title: Zoey & The Moment of Zen

Author: Cat Lavoie

Genre: Chick-lit, Romance

Pages: 320(kindle)

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author’s page:
My review:
I’m glad that I had opportunity to read this breathtaking book. I’m speechless, I enjoy so much reading this book that I couldn’t say any word…
     Zoey and Braden have been together since college, after wedding of Dar and Dex, Zoey’s best friends, Braden suddenly broke up with her. What? Why? They supposed to be next. One year she going crazy and can’t make herself not to think about him. All people in her life are concerned about her: Nessa, her aunt; Dar and Dax even her employee Owen, but Zoey don’t listen to them and keep torturing herself. The things go very wrong when Dar and Dax finding that she makes them to go in one restaurant just because Braden supposed to come to meet someone. If she just make herself not to listened Braden’s voice mail and don’t read his e-mail she wouldn’t have been in trouble.                          Dar and her aunt Nessa buy her ticket to Mexico and booking in The Moment of Zen Wellness Resort, to make her to forgive about her broken heart and Braden and be herself again. One week in resort with snarky coordinator Jude and some new friends Zoey back at home with secret half revealed about her aunt and with craziest thing that she ever done.
     Zoey is perfect main character, she makes me laugh, she makes me cry and she definitely makes me to think that she is completely out of her mind. I adore her with all her flaws, cause I have those flaws and every woman have those flaws.
     The author done perfect job inventing Zoey and her life without the ex. The acts that Zoey does and her obsession with her ex are written as real life happen. Zoey does everything that one woman with broken heard does including even stalking.  
    This book is perfect I put it on my Favorite list, I recommend it, and because it gives you drive from US to Mexico, it gives you trip from romantic hell to heaven and it gives your breath away.

This book was provided by Samantha March ,editor in exchange for honest review.
My rating 5/5(amazing)


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