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Almost Royalty: A Romantic Comedy…of Sorts by Courtney Hamilton-review

Title:Almost Royalty: Romantic Comedy…of Sorts

Author: Courtney Hamilton
Genre: chick-lit, humor
Publisher: Forrest Thompson Publishers

Expected publication: June 2014

author’s page:
My review:

      Close your eyes and imagine one young woman in her thirties, attorney by profession, good looking with two unsuccessful engagements and you are her friend and you try to find someone for her but she is so stubborn and cynical. So, you just imagine Courtney Hamilton the main character in this book. Courtney lives and work in L.A. with her cat Abyss and with her cynical approach of life. She has a girlfriends which wants to suits her in L.A. society and find her a man who is compatible according the Los Angeles Eco-Chain of Dating. You surely wondering what are that L.A. eco -chain of dating, so that is a system which is inventing by Courtney’s friend Marcie a rating system about man who are or aren’t acceptable for dating.
     The story begins when Courtney broken her second engagement, then she describes her earlier life. In hilarious way the author shows us how is like to be a Courtney with Roberta as therapist, overreacting friends, with specific date rating system, surrounded by couples who are not happy with each other.
      Like I say the author describes topics that are part of nowadays in L.A. as qualification and fees for private schools, been woman with carrier, marriages and divorces and dating with suitable man.
I like cynicism that Courtney has, in some situations she reminds me of me, I enjoy in her replies and most of the time reading this book I was laughing.
From all characters I pick Courtney’s mom to say few word cause she is ridiculous woman she had me laughing tears, first I just want to hit her, than I laugh to her ridiculous actions and desires to act as a young girl.
I recommend this book for this summer. 
 This book was provided by publisher in exchange for honest review.
My rating: 4/5(great book)

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