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The Second Time I Saw You by Pippa Croft- review

Title: Second Time I Saw You
Author: Pippa Croft
Genre: Chick-lit,Romance
Pages: (kindle)

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My review:
     Lauren is a student at Oxford. After some time spent with Alexander, her boyfriend she just wants to clear her thoughts and chill out her mind and body. Alexander is handsome English aristocrat, arrogant and hot. They have super hot relationship, but something happened and Lauren wants to be sure what she wants, besides Alexander not helping with his arrogant attitude. Lauren thought maybe is better for her to devote to her studies. Suddenly he is in her room waiting her to tell her some unpleasant news and asking her to help him. She couldn’t resist him, as some invisible power pushes her in his arms.
     Will she handle to be with him despite his arrogance? Does the chemistry between them is bigger than all the things that bothers her?

     This is first book that I’ve read from Pippa Croft, despite that this book is a part of a series and is second book, it could be read as single, and I could tell that I’ve managed with characters and previous events in first book. I like the story one senator’s daughter, American and one English aristocrat in hot relationship, she cautious and he is arrogant. The book contains many erotic scenes, but they are subtle and I just can’t be bothered reading it. The book is also full of passion and twists which are solved.
     I like Lauren’s caution and also I enjoy reading how she is aware of his arrogance and I expecting her to change him, and wondering how she will do that. But I don’t want tell you, you must read it to reveal that by yourself.
My rating: 4/5(great book)
This book was provided by publisher from Netgalley.

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