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Open my Eyes by Jennifer Collin-review

Title: Open my Eyes
Author: Jennifer Collin
Genre: Chick-lit,Romance
Pages:180(e book)

author’s page:

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My review:

         Emily goes in Japan with her brother and his band on tour. The reason that she goes there is to run from her ex and her problems, but there she discovers something that could be another problem in her life. But that is not all, she sleep with her sister’s best friend Ben.
         I enjoy reading this book, its makes me feel better, cause I have flu right now. It’s interesting that the twist is on the beginning of the book, which makes me constantly reading to discover what is next. It’s fun and enjoyable book with lot of things which love brings as jealousy, fear of abandonment, happiness and romance. This is second book from The Evans Trilogy, but it can easily read as a standalone book.
        I understand Emily when she runs from her problems, but I can’t understand why she not simply says it to Ben, the things will be simpler and that will be both the beginning and the end of the book. Oh, I understand now. I was curious what will Ben says and I suppose that keeps me reading.
Now I’m more curious to read first and next book from this trilogy.

My rating 4/5(great book)

This copy was provided by Shaz from Fiction Addiction Book Tours.


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