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Dangled Carat by Hilary Grossman-review

Title: Dangled Carat
Author: Hilary Grossman
Genre: Autobiography, Chick-lit

Pages: 280(e- copy)

Buy at: Amazon 
My review:

       Hilary wants to be engaged with her boyfriend, Marc on New Year’s Eve, but he is commitment-phobic and he wants things to go slowly, a very slowly. Hilary and Marc are in relationship about four years. Hilary doesn’t know what to do, to stay with him and waits him to be prepared for commitment or to goes with her life without him. Marc loves her, but he is afraid and even if he was forty, he doesn’t rush, he thinks that everything have a time to be done.
      The book begins with that New Year’s Eve and then the author goes back in the pass and shows us how the things was and again back in present time. The content is written that intermittently shows us events in pass and present time. That is great because the reader could understand Marc’s behavior and Hilary’s endless patience.
     It’s kind of hard to write review about nonfiction book and it’s harder about biography, so I will refrain to comment about the main characters. But I could tell you that I adore Hilary’s mother, she is so sincere with Hilary and so helpful.
     The book is interesting because I have learned a lot of things about commitment-phobic people and how love could be a magic, I’ve learned about patience. The book is also calm and warm read and will catch you so easily.
 The copy was provided by the author in exchange of honest review.
My rating 4/5(great book)

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