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The Man Test by Amanda Aksel-review

Title: The Man Test
Author: Amanda Aksel
Genre: Romantic Comedy,Chick-lit


Author’s page: 

My review:

     Marin is couple therapist; she lives and works in San Francisco. Soon to be marry she goes on journey with her friends on bachelorette party, because one of her friend gets married first. Marin comes back home one day after her planning arrival and surprise, surprise her fiancé is cheating her. She is therapist but how could be so difficult to heals yourself. On her healing process she discovers one book which says that all men are cheaters. Oh, then she wants to proof that and funny things began to happens.
It’s hard for me to take another book now, because my appetite is satisfied.          I’ve got everything that I needed in this book that is: female main character with fighting spirit, turns, laughter and romance.
I adore Marin, she is sweet, insecure and clumsy in cute way; she is successful woman with no luck in love, but she is very smart and she discovered another way to cure her heard and that is funny and amazing, but sometimes on that process of curing we forgetting other people’s feelings and bad things happen that is life.
       Reading about the men who meets Marin I was thinking that in the world are lot of kinds of a male and female characters, but first division is that there are cheaters and no cheaters.
      Amanda Aksel did great work writing this book. It’s so interesting that you have a feeling that you are watching a movie, one amazing rom-com movie.
This book  was provided by the author for honest review.
My rating : 5/5(amazing book)

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